Uncle Ray

By Jackie Bartlett

For fifty years Dora Bishop has nursed the anger and humiliation she felt when her older brother Ray left her behind in their home town of Batley, West Yorkshire and went to seek his fortune in Canada. She has not heard from him since. So she is both shocked and surprised when Ray, with the help of Cynthia Clough, an old friend, finally does get in touch as it is not in the way Dora expected!


  • Julie - Angela Neville
  • Dora - Marian Neville
  • Madam Clough - Angela Howard
  • Alice Boothroyd - Jackie Lewis
  • Dr Simmons - Jan Andrews
  • Fred Niven - Darren Egan
  • Uncle Ray - Keith Flack

Written and directed by Jackie Bartlett

Recorded and edited by John Rhodes

Uncle Ray

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