Pulp Fairies

By Angela Neville

Do you believe in fairies? Precious little creatures, with clothes made from flower petals and magic wands for granting wishes to good little boys and girls… Probably not. I mean, it’s perfectly OK to say you believe in aliens and vampires, but fairies are just so - embarrassing. Except for some people. Right up until yesterday, Dora believed in them. And Dora was really a very sensible little girl. But just because we stop believing in something, doesn’t necessarily mean that that thing stops being real. Because the day Dora stopped believing in fairies, was the day the fairies decided to start believing in her…


  • Dora - Rosamund Hine
  • Brad - Scott Peters
  • Dale & Agent Mulled Wine - Sam Buist
  • Professor Dregg - Angela Howard
  • Leonardo & Rudolf - Tony Hine
  • Cheese - John Glasscock
  • Twinkletoes & the Shop Lady - Frona Mannion
  • Zorac - Peter Mayn
  • Father Christmas - Roger Aldous
  • Narrator/Mum/Binky - Pat O’Gorman
  • Special Agent Holly - Angela Neville
  • Other parts were played by the cast & Dennis Rookard

Directed by Angela Neville

Pulp Fairies

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