Over Our Dead Bodies

Adapted by John Glasscock from a short story by Angela Howard

If you want to create a tangled web it isn’t always necessary to practise to deceive. Here, an off-the-cuff white lie about a smear of blood and a garage door, leads two young twins to alarming assumptions about their well-meaning but not entirely blameless father.


  • Lillian Kerr - Janet Farmer
  • Frank Cutler - Chris Metson
  • Cliff Cutler - Richard Tustin
  • Cindy Cutler/Berni Walsh - Lauren Ballard
  • Helen Bartram - Emma Savage
  • Brenda Bartram - Jackie Lewis
  • Father Vernon Harris - Roger Aldous
  • P.C. Paula Maynard - Jean Donald

Directed by John Glasscock

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