One in the Eye

By Derek Webb

Horatio Nelson was the greatest naval hero Britain has ever seen. What is not so well known is that he had an older brother…Maurice. When Lady Hamilton (reputed to be a “good friend” of Horatio’s) announces she is to host a ball to celebrate his victory at the Battle of the Nile, it is up to Maurice to keep Horatio’s wife and mistress apart. But will his heroic efforts succeed? With his clerk disguised as King George III and the Kind himself given to bouts of insanity (rather like most of us) the result is a comedy of epic proportions.


  • Maurice - Keith Hiscox
  • Biggs - John Lawrence
  • Lady Hamilton - Carole Williams
  • Lady Nelson - Pat O’Gorman
  • Mrs Nelson & Sarah - Jackie Lewis
  • Nurse Blackett - Marian Neville
  • Street Vendor & Innkeeper - Keith Flack
  • King George III - Paul Gough
  • Narrator - John Glasscock

Directed by Angela Neville

One in the Eye

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