Mrs Willoughby

By Angela Howard

When Nicky and Vicky inherit a house from Great Aunt Ermentrude everything seems to be coming up roses, and it's not until they move in that the problems start. The roof needs fixing, the garden is a wilderness and the Residents' Association come round with a message that is downright nasty. Even the over grown plants nodding in at the windows have something to say in this surreal comedy. It seems that Ermentrude Willoughby had been up to something odd – involving 'goings on'! But what was her secret?


The Humans

  • Vicky - Jan Andrews
  • Nicky - Lawrence Mcglynn
  • Jess - Jackie Lewis
  • Tom - Darren Egan
  • Colonel Top-Notch - John Rhodes
  • Lady High-Falutin - Darren Egan
  • Mrs Upper-Crust – Angela Howard
  • Miss Smythe - Angela Neville

In the Garden

  • Hermione - Angela Neville
  • Lavinia - Marian Neville
  • Peggy - Jackie Bartlett
  • And other parts were played by members of the cast!

Written by Angela Howard

Recorded and Edited by John Rhodes

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