The Little Woman

By Angela Neville

Alcott wakes up one morning to find that during the night she has shrunk and is now about ten centimetres tall. Eyebright, an equally small winged person, explains that this is the result of a wish she made twenty-six years before as a child. But is Alcott only dreaming? Is she suffering from extreme agoraphobia – overwhelmed by the world? Is she dead, and Eyebright a guardian spirit sent to make her accept a new kind of existence? Finally Alcott prepares to move on. But not before catching Eyebright’s favourite cheesy soap, The Wild and the Wistful.


  • Alcott - Angela Neveille
  • Eyebright - Paul Wells
  • Other parts played by Marian Neville & Dennis Rookard

Directed by Angela Neville

The Little Woman

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