Letter from Etaples

Written and Produced by Jackie Bartlett

August 1917. Haunted by the accidental death of his brain-damaged brother Howie in a Swaledale blizzard, when they were both young, soldier Fred Paulson, lying mortally wounded at Etaples in Northern France, attempts to dictate a letter to his mother confessing to his part in his brother's death. As he succumbs to his wounds Fred finds comfort in the presence of VAD nurse May Connaught who takes down his words and in the imagined conversation with his dead brother.


  • Fred Poulson - Sam Cybichowski
  • Howie Poulson - Paul Bradley
  • May Conaught - Angela Neville
  • Maggie Paulson - Jan Andrews
  • Lenoard Paulson - Daren Eagan
  • Narrator - Matthew Hayden

Recorded and Edited by John Rhodes

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